Saturday, July 10, 2010


I think I have the opposite of writers block.  There's too much.  Not things to put on here.  Personnal things. I just don't kow how to get it all out!  It's swimming around up there and attacking me at night!  Mind you, if i'm getting attacked during the night i'm sure glad it's with my own mind-words.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

and another thing

some truths.
some days are still unbelievably hard.
last night when devons necklace got ripped off in the SNFU pit, i thought i'd lost it, and it felt like losing him all over again. 
it's amazing that in my life i've lost countless items- eyeglasses, wallets, phones, and never given them a second thought.  this necklace though- a nut from a cymbal on a chain, is my most valued posession.
i really have to figure out where the fuck i need to be living now too.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

nerd alert!!!!

sooo, this one time i lost my iphone, which was worth about 500 dollars.
then i cried. 
the end.

alternative ending:
sooo then i got it back from a random stranger by meeting him in the dodgiest alley in vancouver (behind the carnegie) but it was busted.
then i cried.
the end.

alternativer ending:
sooo then the home button was broken, and i thought my phone had become a pretty paper weight but i found out if a jailbroke it and downloaded a program i might be able to salvage it.
and 6 hours later...
totally did.

i learned all sorts of things about jailbreaking and restoring, and springboards and eventually- nerd girl to the recue- i did  it!  and minus some sweet photos and special text messages (yes, those do exist), my phone is BETTER than it was before.

whatta a great ending.

the end.
for reals.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

He Wolf.

i don't even know...


so, in a nutshell- north korea may or may not have torpedoed a south korean warship and killed 46 people.
(so not cool, north korea...or whoever actually did it.  rumours that it was an american ship are out there too...)
that clearly pissed south korea off, so they've taken all sorts of nasty pre war measures against north korea including halting transport and trade and using these to shout propaganda across the border. 

and you know why all this is happening?  THIS GUY. 

GAGA'S GOING DOWN. (notinagoodway)

i can't sleep.
for the first time in my life.
i shouldn't complain- i know. for years and years I've heard friends complain of painfully long nights, and sleepy days.
i didn't get it-until now.
why is it, that in months when i am physically and mentally exhausted, I'm not sleeping?
me- the girl who falls asleep mid party?! mid drink? mid conversation?

last night i woke up from a glorious 2 hours of sleep to a full volume dance-party/lady gaga karaoke session/rooftop deck rave. it was as ugly as it sounds.
it was the rudest awakening since i was 21 and woke up to a sharpie cock on my face and pearl jam quotes on my ass.

anyway- I'm officially going to try melatonin, i hear it works wonders. and exercise.
and speaking of sharpies, look what these creative cats did with theirs!
get it?  they're MASKS.